Haben Sie Lust, Deutsch zu hören und zu sprechen? Teilen Sie an unserem neuen Programm mit. September bis Juli am ersten Mittwochabend des Monats treffen wir uns von 19.30 bis 21 Uhr in der Methodistenhalle in Earlsdon.  Der Mitgliederbeitrag per Jahr beträgt £20 (in 2 Raten wenn erwünscht) und £2.50 pro Abend für Besucher.

Fast das ganze Jahr am dritten Mittwochnachmittag des Monats trifft sich ein Gesprächskreis. Jedesmal diskutieren wir ein vorgeschlagenes Thema.

If you enjoy listening to and speaking German, try out our new programme format. From September to Juli inclusive we’ll met in Earlsdon Methodist Hall on the first Wednesday of the month from 7.30 to 9 pm.  The annual fee is £20 (which can be paid by arrangement in 2 instalments) and £2.50 per evening for visitors.

Most of the year we meet for a speaking group on the 3rd Wednesday of the month. Each time we discuss a different topic.

For further information contact the Honorary Secretary

Lynne Adams, Tel 024 7667 6683 or 07910 034653   Email


Honorary Chairman: Associate Professor Steven Lamb

Honorary Treasurer: Ingrid Hewitt

Honorary Vice Chairman and Exchange Coordinator: Richard Parker

Honorary Archivist: Sharon Matheson






  1. Hello friends of the German Circle in Coventry!
    I have visited your beautiful town years ago together with a friend of mine, Laura Rienesl. Meanwhile Laura and I have lost contact. Now I am trying to get her e-mail address because it would be really nice to see her again. I guess she is now married and her name is Sherwin. It seems that she is also a member of the German circle. I would be very pleased if you could forward my e-mail to her. Thank you very much in advance!
    Best regards from Bad Aibling in Germany
    Susanne Winzenburg

    • Hello Susanne
      Sorry, I only just noticed your message. I don’t have Laura’s email address but I know someone that might. I will forward her your message and hopefully she will able to forward it on to Laura
      Best regards

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