Unsere Geschichte (our history)

The Coventry German Circle, without a break, is about to reach its 72nd  year.

The group was originally set up by three Coventry citizens in September 1946.  Mr. Percy Harvey, who lost all his business on the night of the raid on Coventry in 1940, Miss E. M. Rose whose mother died the day after the raid and Mr. W. J. Sharpe, a prominent member of the Christian Endeavour Movement, decided – on September 17th 1946 – to create the German Circle. The circle has been going strong ever since, forging friendships and links between Coventrians and German people.

 The first A.G.M. was held in 1947. Their purpose and aim, then as now, is “to create opportunities for those interested in the German language and literature to increase their knowledge through discussions and talks” This was indisputably the first of the many German circles to be founded in Great Britain. Our current Chair is Margaret Ellis and secretary is Lynne Adams.

 Each Wednesday evening during the Autumn and Spring terms, at the then Technical College, people who wanted to listen to German lectures and be reconciled with their former enemies, formed the German circle group. German refugees of Jewish descent were among the first members. Also prisoners of war from the Stonely PoW camp were invited by Percy Harvey, from the beginning, to come to the German Circle.

 When the building behind the Technical College was demolished the German Circle moved to the Methodist Church Hall in Earlsdon, Coventry. From the outset , and to this day, speakers from the German Embassy come to Coventry to speak at one of our meetings. Also a German pastor holds regular services in the German language, for a wide area which includes Coventry.


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